May 25, 2020

Corona Virus, the US ESTA application und the latest Update from TSA

ESTA application

What changes concerning your ESTA application and travel to the USA during Corona Virus times? TSA Updates Security Procedures to Prepare Summer Travelers

First a few words about the US ESTA application

The US ESTA Visa and covid 19 – The ESTA Visa USA – Unless you already have a conventional US Visa, you must complete the ESTA application here and receive your ESTA Visa USA, before heading out to Atlanta. The ESTA Visa USA application for your business trip to Atlanta for your US ESTA Visa for business travelers. Before heading out for your business venture to Phoenix, you’ll also have to arrange for your US Visa. Instead of a conventional US Visa, you might consider opting for a US ESTA Visa.

No matter, if you are an entrepreneur, or work for a large corporation or just want to come on vacation to Atlanta, those formalities have to be taken care of. You’ll either need a regular US Visa or an ESTA Visa. You can find an ESTA application form here. Welcome to our  US ESTA Visa travel guide for Atlanta Georgia. “ESTA” stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorisation. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security manages the VWP which issues the ESTA Visa USA.

US ESTA application and Covid 19

ESTA application for your ESTA Visa USA


The ESTA Visa USA application for Business for your US ESTA Visa

The US ESTA application USA for your ESTA Visa

The ESTA Visa USA for your travels

Complete your ESTA application for tourists to the USA here on this Website in minutes and read our Guide with lots of Infos for your business venture to Phoenix Arizona. Receive an ESTA USA Business Visa by email within hours. An ESTA USA Visa will be valid for 2 years and also allow for multiple entries into the United States. A regular USA Visa means that you will have to pay a visit to the US Embassy to apply and it will take many days or weeks for the process to complete. So, instead of a conventional US Visa, complete the US ESTA Visa application online here and be on your way to San Antonio within hours.


ESTA application

ESTA application Guide – COVID-19 has changed the way most of the world’s lives function. This includes traveling.

The press release by the TSA looks to be the first important step to re-opening airline travel.

As the Memorial Day holiday weekend kicks off the unofficial start to the summer, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has updated security procedures to ensure that travelers aren’t spreading the virus or posing a risk to themselves.


The TSA is making changes to the security screening process to help reduce the chances of cross-contamination occurring. These implementations have already begun with more screenings scheduled to be implanted at checkpoints within airports. You can expect these additional screening checkpoints to be fully operational and nationwide by the middle of June.


TSA Administrator David Pekoske explained that the TSA is doing this with the interest of frontline workers and the health of travelers in mind.


“…TSA is committed to making prudent changes to our screening processes to limit physical contact and increase the physical distance as much as possible,” stated Pekoske. “We continue to evaluate our security measures to make smart, timely decisions benefiting health and safety, as well as the traveler experience.”

Your US ESTA application and Covid 19

ESTA application for your ESTA Visa USA


The ESTA Visa USA application for Business for your US ESTA Visa

The ESTA application USA for your ESTA Visa

ESTA application Guide – Boarding Passes

Those coming onto a flight will no longer hand their boarding passes to a TSA officer at the podium that takes in travel documents. Rather, travelers will now be placing their boarding passes on a reader themselves. This is to avoid hand-to-hand exchanges with others. This can be done with an electronic boarding pass or a physical one. By doing this the potential for cross-contamination will be greatly reduced.


Social Distancing

Social distancing is recommended for all passengers to reduce any direct contact between other travelers or employees whenever possible. There may be exceptions as to not compromise security.


Adjustments to expect include:

  • A general increase of distance between those who are entering the security checkpoint
  • Staggering the use of lanes
  • Multiple visual displays to help remind passengers of appropriate distancing


It should be noted that all airports are different so these adjustments may look different at various airports.


X-Ray Screenings for Food

All passengers should now take any food they plan to carry onto the plane in a clear plastic bag. This plastic bag is to be placed within a bin. This is done because food items frequently trigger an alarm during the screening process. By separating food items from your bag, TSA agents will be required to check bags much less often and reduce the risk for cross-contamination. This will also make it easier and more efficient for agents to quickly inspect your plastic bag and certify it safe. It also allows for better social distancing measures to be enforced. However, TSA precheck members won’t need to remove items from their bags as they’ve already been checked.


ESTA application

Facial Protection

All TSA officers at all checkpoints are now being required to wear facial protection. Travelers are highly encouraged to also wear facial protection when coming into the checkpoint as well. Facial protection may be surgical masks or even simple masks made of clothing or cloth. Travelers are also recommended to remove items from their pockets as well as items such as belts, keys, wallets, and phones. After these items have been removed, it’s recommended to put them directly into carry-on bags instead of the bins that are placed at the TSA checkpoint. This will reduce the physical contact TSA agents have with your possessions.


ESTA application

ESTA application Guide Cobid-19 – Smart Packing

TSA wants to reduce the amount of contact TSA agents, as well as officers, have with personal possessions. Therefore, all passengers should take extra vigilance in ensuring that prohibited items are not being taken into a checkpoint. Common prohibited items that are brought into a checkpoint include:

  • Aerosols in quantities that are greater than 3.4 ounces
  • Liquids
  • Gels


It should be noted that hand sanitizer, a previously prohibited item, is being allowed to bring in with you as long as it’s less than 12 ounces per passenger. This is due to the increased importance of the sanitation of passengers in response to COVID-19.


If a passenger wishes to bring a hand sanitizer, it must be removed from the carry-on bag before the x-ray screening process. If prohibited items are found within a bag, the passenger may be directed to a divestiture table located outside of security. There, they will remove the item in their carry-on bags and subsequently dispose of them. Passengers may also be told to go back outside security to remove items that may have been divested originally. This includes aerosols, large electronics, laptops, gels, as well as liquids. If this occurs, they will need to resubmit their properties to be screened in the x-ray process. By doing this, TSA officers won’t need to make physical contact with the contents within a carry-on bag or be required to do so much less frequently. This will reduce cross-contamination potential.

The US ESTA application and Covid 19

esta usa

Apply for ESTA, complete the ESTA application for your ESTA USA Visa

Other Changes

A variety of other changes will be enacted. If you’ve not flown recently, changes you should be prepared for include:

  • All surfaces that are frequently touched within the screening checkpoint will be frequently disinfected and cleaned
  • A reduction in the use of security lanes because of passenger volume
  •  All TSA officers will practice social distancing
  • Eye protection and clear, plastic face shields may be used by TSA officers are some locations
  • Many podiums for checking travel documents and locations such as divest tables, drop-offs, and bag searches may have plastic shielding installed
  • TSA officers will continue to remove and replace gloves after every pat-down that occurs


Additional COVID-19 related instructions may also be given by specific airlines. It’s recommended you check with your airline before your flight. Early arrival is of course encouraged to allow operations, as well as personell adequate time to enforce all safety measures and precautions. Travelers are recommended to arrive well in advance of flight times rather than immediately before.


If you want more information on the screening process and how the pandemic affects it, visit

You can complete your ESTA application any time now, it is valid for 2 years and we expect to travel to the USA to be allowed within one or two months at the latest.



USA Travel and Covid 19

ESTA application

USA travel and Covid 19

The ESTA application USA for your US ESTA Visa