February 19, 2020

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The ESTA Visa USA application for Business for your US ESTA Visa

ESTA application for Business for your ESTA Visa

Your ESTA application for Business travels

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Philadelphia, or “Philly,” as many Americans call it, is the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania. This vivacious metropolis is a popular location for trade shows, conventions, as well as corporate events. Philadelphia also has much to offer for tourists with its rich history and lively culture. Business travelers appreciate the city’s dense infrastructure, world-class hotels, as well as outstanding dining options.


For business and leisure, Philadelphia is one of the most fascinating places to visit in the United States. Founded in 1682, it is among the oldest American cities. The founding fathers of the United States signed both the US Constitution, as well as the Declaration of Independence in Independence Hall, Philadelphia. It was the capital before Washington, D.C., and therefore holds a special place in American political and cultural history. 

ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorisation
within the ESTA Visa Waiver Program of the US Government

ESTA Visa USA application for your US ESTA Visa

A modern Metropolis

But Philadelphia has become a modern metropolis and a hub for business in the United States. Philadelphia hosts five companies on the Fortune 1000 list and produced an impressive gross metropolitan product of $490 billion in 2019. Prominent companies like Boeing and The Vanguard Group have their headquarters in the city. With over 80,000 business properties, including some iconic skyscrapers, this Pennsylvanian city attracts companies from all over the world. 

For tourists, Philadelphia offers countless cultural sights including the largest number of murals, as well as sculptures in the United States. The city also sports one of the biggest urban parks in the country with the combined green areas of Fairmount Park and Wissahickon Valley Park. Moreover, with its long and fascinating history, Philadelphia is moreover home to many American “firsts,” such as the first hospital, library, medical school, zoo, stock exchange, as well as a business school. 

Philadelphia has a famous culinary culture, with menu items like the Philly cheesesteak, hoagies, roast pork sandwich, Stromboli, and also Irish potato candy. Fans of authentic historical food can find some of the classic Philadelphia meals at the authentic historical City Tavern, which features 18th-century original recipes in a historical location. For Pennsylvania Dutchy specialties, visitors can explore the historic Reading Terminal Market, which is among the biggest and oldest food markets in the United States. 

If you are planning a business trip to Philadelphia, this article provides all the information on business travel you may need. 

ESTA Guide – Flying to/from Philadelphia directly or via New Yorkflying to Bostoon with ESTA

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is about 7 miles away from the city center. PHL is also among the most frequented airports worldwide in terms of air traffic movement. Serviced by 25 airline companies, PHL sees 30 million passengers per year. With planes flying to 140 different airports globally. PHL offers services to airports in the US, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada, as well as the Middle East. The airport has a total of six terminals, A through F, connected via a shuttle bus. 

You can get flights as low as $450 from Heathrow, London to PHL with carriers such as British Airways, American Airlines, Finnair, as well as Iberia. Alternatively, if you are traveling via New York, you can get a nonstop flight from La Guardia to Philadelphia for about $230 with American Airlines or JetBlue. 

ESTA application

Getting to/from the airport

Traveling to/from PHL

Traveling from Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) to downtown Philadelphia is usually fast and easy because the airport is only 7 miles out of the city. However, during rush hour, you might want to plan for some extra time. Whichever model of transportation you choose, the trip will probably not take longer than an hour. 

There are many ways to get from PHL to the city center or the other way around. The fastest way to get downtown is by taxi or by rideshare, using a service such as Uber or Lyft. The ride will take about 15 to 20 minutes. This is also the most convenient form of travel because you get door-to-door service. You also avoid having to worry about parking. A taxi from PHL to a downtown hotel will cost around $50. Using a rideshare app amounts to a cost of about $20. 

You can book a taxi conveniently in advance by contacting the company.

Just book with Philadelphia Taxicab Service (+1 215 535 6700) or also Phila Taxi Service (+1 267 309 2675). 

If you are traveling around or outside of the city during your business trip, you may want to consider getting a rental car, which offers extra flexibility. For executive travelers who plan to attend meetings or conferences outside of the city limits, having a rental vehicle may be a cheap and convenient option. Philadelphia International Airport is serviced by many rental car companies, including National, Hertz, Enterprise, Alamo, and Avis. You can get a compact car for as little as $15 a day, and a Premium model for $25. 

Philadelphia has cheap and convenient public transport options with buses and trains serviced by SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority). You can take a train from Airport Terminal Ai to the city center for only $7. Travel time is about 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can take the Line 37 bus for only $3. Travel time with a bus is about 40 minutes. 

ESTA application

PHL Airport Lounges and Suitesbusiness-lounge

Philadelphia International Airport provides several rest areas and lounges for business travelers to work or relax as they wait for their next flight. You can find comfortable seating, refreshments, and complimentary WiFi at the Lounges. A few offer conference rooms or spa services such as massages. Below, we have compiled a list of airport lounges at PHL. 

American Express Centurion Lounge

Located in Terminal A West, near Gate A14, the American Express Centurion Lounge offers deluxe amenities for exhausted business travelers. Have a drink at the premium bar, try some local cuisine, take advantage of the personal workspaces, or enjoy a relaxing shower. There is also free access to computers and WiFi. 

Delta Sky Club

You can find the Delta Sky Club near the Terminal D and E Connector at Philadelphia International Airport. Enjoy a warm meal, cocktails, and spirits, as well as free WiFi. Alternatively, you can just lay back and relax in a comfortable chair, and enjoy a peaceful time away from the crowds before your flight. 

Minute Suites 

Tired travelers can come here to enjoy a nap, get some alone time, or be productive. You can find Minute Suites at Philadelphia International Airport between the Terminal A and B link. At Minute Suites, you can book a private room for yourself or groups of people (up to four per room). A standard bed sleeps two. All suites have free access to streaming services like Netflix and DirecTV, as well as complimentary WiFi. With an in-suite minibar, you can even get drinks and snacks without leaving your bed. 


ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorisation
within the ESTA Visa Waiver Program of the US Government

ESTA Visa USA application for your US ESTA Visa


ESTA Guide – Philadelphia Business Hotels 

Philadelphia offers many choices for accommodation to business travelers. You can find deluxe five-star hotels, relaxed mid-range options, family suites, as well as comfortable Bed & Breakfasts. This city has something to offer for travelers of all budgets. With this hotel guide, you can find excellent and comfortable accommodation in Philadelphia for a reasonable price. 

Philadelphia’s downtown area is a hub for business and employment. The city’s business district, Center City, employs nearly 300,000 people and is home to almost 10,000 businesses. If you are on executive travels to Philadelphia, chances are you will have a meeting in this area. 

Trade shows and corporate events

Another key section relevant for business travelers in Philadelphia is the Market East section. This is where the Pennsylvania Convention Center is located. Every year, hundreds of conferences, conventions, as well as professional events take place at this historic venue. As a business traveler, you might want to book a hotel in the area. That way you don’t miss out on any of Philadelphia’s trade shows and corporate events. 

If you are stopping in Philadelphia overnight, or you have an early morning flight, consider staying at an airport hotel at Philadelphia International Airport. The 4-star Philadelphia Airport Marriott is a great choice for a shorter stay. 

Here we are introducing three hotels in downtown Philadelphia which are first-rate options for business travel. 

The Rittenhouse Hotel (5 Stars)philadelphia-rittenhouse-hotel

For an extravagant stay in Philadelphia, business travelers may want to stay at The Rittenhouse Hotel. This well-appointed five-star accommodation has every bit of luxury a hotel guest could ask for. Located in a historic building at Rittenhouse Square, the current structure was designed by star architect Paul Cret and completed in 1913. Guests can choose from rooms, suites, as well as specialty suites with spectacular views, elegant interior, and charming décor.

Enjoy luxury amenities like the indoor pool, fitness room, steam bath, and sauna; take advantage of the complimentary luxury driver service in a Premium Jaguar; or receive a first-class massage at the in-house spa facilities. Dine at one of the hotel’s premium restaurants, like the award-winning Lacroix or the Italian Scarpetta. Specifically for executive travelers, the Rittenhouse has a business center and about 4500 square feet of event space. Guests receive complimentary WiFi. 

ESTA application

The Ritz-Carlton (5 Stars)philadelphia-ritz-carlton-hotel

The Ritz-Carlton is located at the heart of Philadelphia’s business district, Center City, in a vibrant downtown area only minutes away from the iconic Liberty Bell. Housed in a neoclassical bank building, the Ritz-Carlton offers luxury in a modern relaxing atmosphere. Rooms and suites offer spectacular views of Philadelphia’s skyline. You might want to enjoy fine Latin-inspired dining at the mezcal Aqimero restaurant. Alternatively, you may relax in the 30th-floor executive lounge, or sign up for an exclusive massage and body treatment at the hotel spa and salon. Business travelers will find ample meeting space, free WiFi, as well as stylish in-room workspaces at the Ritz-Carlton. 

Kimpton Hotel Monaco (4 Stars) 

The Kimpton Hotel Monaco is located in Philadelphia’s historic district. You’ll find it next to the Independence National Historical Park, and only a mile from Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. The Pennsylvania Convention Center is also within walking distance. This glamorous, yet hip accommodation features a rooftop lounge with a stunning view. But there is also a spacious ballroom, as well as ample meeting space for business travelers.

Book a private business dinner in a quiet, deluxe atmosphere or enjoy premium gastronomy services at the Red Owl Tavern. This is Monaco’s in-house restaurant. After a long day of work, you can book an in-room spa treatment or massage. Alternatively, you can relax in the fitness center. The Kimpton Hotel Monaco promotes healthy living, so every room is equipped with a yoga mat. Guests can also rent a complimentary bicycle to get around the city. Every room comes of course with free access to high-speed internet. 

ESTA application

The Bellevue Hotel (4 Stars)

The Bellevue is located in an iconic Philadelphia skyscraper in the Upmarket region. Guests can easily walk to the city’s main attractions, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, as well as the Philadelphia City Hall. The glamorous rooms feature city photography, together with vintage art. Luxury suites like the Art Suite or the Bellevue Suite come with parquet floors, as well as of course, spectacular views of the Philadelphia skyline. The Bellevue’s signature restaurant, the IVX (Nineteen) has three dining areas, each with a different ambiance and flair. The dazzling Pearl Room offers luxury gastronomy including local seafood. Guests can dine on a romantic balcony with a view of the city. The IVX Lounge offers deluxe leather booths and a relaxed atmosphere for cocktails and drinks. The light-flooded IVX Cameo Room features breakfast and lunch as well as afternoon tea. 


ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorisation
within the ESTA Visa Form for the Waiver Program of the US Government

ESTA Visa USA application for your US ESTA Visa


ESTA Guide – Business Fairs and Exhibitions in Philadelphia 

Philly Tech Week

Philly Tech Week is one of the biggest technology, as well as an innovation event in the United States. With highlights such as the Entrepreneur Expo, Kickoff Festival, Technical Developers Conference, and the Nerd Met Gala. The weeklong conference will attract visitors from all over the world. The event is divided into different tracks. There are Software, Startup, Gaming, Medtech, Professional Development, Impact, as well as Arts. Philly Tech Week is a must-see for every business travelers in the tech sector. Network with people in your area of expertise. Or explore the latest startups and tech innovations and learn new skills at one of the events’ workshops. 

ESTA application

Smart Business Dealmakers Conference

Leaders and managers on business travel in Philadelphia should not miss the Smart Business Dealmakers Conference. Network with thousands of dealmakers. Meet CEOs, and managers from top firms at this annual event. While you’re there, you can learn about raising more capital, selling and buying companies, as well as alternative asset investment. Speakers at the conference are entrepreneurs and investors from companies like HB Global and S&B Bank. Hosted at the luxurious Hilton Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing, executive travelers should not miss out on this event. 

Digital Summit Philadelphia 2020: Digital Marketing Conference

The Digital Summit is a conference for people who want to amp up their company’s digital marketing. Hosted at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, organizers expect over 30000 attendees in 2020. Whether you’re with a service provider, an agency, a brand, a nonprofit, or a startup company, this event offers plenty of networking and learning opportunities for engaged entrepreneurs. Digital Summit Philadelphia offers over 45 workshops and seminars on digital marketing, speakers from top companies like LinkedIn and Microsoft, as well as countless opportunities for networking with others in the field.

ESTA application

ESTA Guide – Top Business Restaurants in Dallas 

Philadelphia is known around the world for its signature cheesesteak. This was invented by Italian immigrants in the early days of US settlement. However, there is much more to Philadelphia gastronomy than steaks. This modern metropolis offers anything from fine dining to low-key street fare. You can even try historical 18th-century foods at the City Tavern or the Reading Terminal Market. 

Maybe you’re looking for a venue for an exclusive executive dinner, or you just want a quiet meal after a long day of work. Whatever you are looking for, downtown Philadelphia has you covered. We have compiled a list of excellent gastronomical options in the city, including some deluxe and mid-range options. Remember that some restaurants will require booking a table in advance.

Vetri Cucina

Vetri Cucina is a charming upscale Italian restaurant in a historic building downtown Philadelphia. The venue is known for its exquisite interior and Venetian glassware and hand-blown glass chandeliers. An intimate setting that seats 32 offers a private atmosphere for a professional executive dinner. Book the private dining room on the second floor for meetings and events of up to 18 guests. Chef Vetri is known for multicourse meals composed of locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. The menu combines classic Italian cuisine with international modern flavors. Every menu is put together individually for the guests upon arrival, taking dietary restrictions and food allergies into account. Pair your meal with rare vintage wine, a premium aperitif, or a hand-crafted cocktail. 


Laurel puts a French twist on classic American fare. Located in South Philadelphia, this restaurant offers a private, quiet dining experience. Even showing a handcrafted menu from chef and owner Nicholas Elmi. At Laurel’s, you can enjoy high-quality seasonal fare with ingredients sourced sustainably in collaboration with local farmers. Try the 6-course Seasonal Tasting Menu or the 9-course Chef Tasting Menu. It offers rotating items based on the season. Pair your meal with a glass of wine, cocktail or spirit from Laurel’s full premium bar. The restaurant can accommodate allergies and restrictions. You can book a private dining experience, as well as a private outdoor chef’s table if weather permits. 

ESTA application

Vernick Food & Drink Vernick Food & Drink Philly

If you’re looking for elegant American fare in the mid-price range, Vernick’s is the place for you. This award-winning Philadelphia restaurant is owned by chef Greg Vernick, whose creative take on New American cuisine has been lauded by critics across the country. The frequently changing menu features anything from squid ink sorpresine, over a soy-glazed duck, to avocado and also spicy radish on toast. Guests can choose between elegant seating in the top floor dining room or more casual seating in the lounge and bar, which also features an outdoor area. If you are looking for a private reservation or seating in the top floor area, be sure to book in advance. 


Zahav features refined Israeli cuisine combined with cultural influences from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Servings come in small plates, therefore allowing guests to sample the full diversity of the menu. The menu features creamy hummus, charcoal-grilled meat skewers, as well as the signature laffa bread. Award-winning chef Michael Solomonov has a reputation for turning simple traditional foods into high-class culinary masterworks. Reserve up to 60 days in advance to score a table in the dining room, or walk in and take a seat at the bar or the chef’s counter. 

ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorisation
within the ESTA Visa Form for the Waiver Program of the US Government

ESTA Visa USA application for your US ESTA Visa


As the name suggests, Vedge is a vegetable restaurant. They offer upscale vegan fare sourced from high-quality vegetable ingredients. Located in Philadelphia’s business district Center City, this fancy vegetarian eatery is at home in the historic Tiger Building. This brownstone house offers an intimate atmosphere for guests who are looking for a unique dining experience. The rotating seasonal menu includes a salad bar with cold and raw options. Furthermore, vegetable plates cooked and grilled to perfection, and desserts. With a plentitude of craft beers, quality wines, as well as handmade cocktails at the bar, this trendy restaurant is not just for vegetarians and vegans. It is for anyone who is looking for healthy nutrition, as well as a great ambiance. At Vedge’s, you can book a private event or reserve a table seven nights a week. 

Oyster House

Philadelphia is known for its seafood, and Oyster House offers some of the best at an affordable price. With a 40-year history in the city, this restaurant has a daily changing menu built around the freshest catches from the East coast. The place is well known for its lobster roll, as well as its fine wine menu. Oyster House is a must-visit for all business travelers who come to Philadelphia. Enjoy lunch, brunch, dinner, drinks or dessert at this classic Philadelphia venue. Happy hour at the bar lasts from 5 to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. Reserve a table or order the traditional Philadelphia Clambakem which they also deliver straight to your hotel.

ESTA application

Jim’s Steaks South St.

At Jim’s Steaks South St., you can get traditional Philadelphian fare at an affordable price. Try the classic Philadelphia steaks and hoagies. Make sure to include the hallmark cheesesteak, which you can enjoy with American or Provolone cheese. Located on the “hippest” street of Philadelphia, Jim’s Steaks South St. is a must for every traveler. Enjoy a cold beer in a relaxed indoor seating environment. Do so alone or with business partners for a casual atmosphere meeting. 

ESTA Guide – Summary

Philadelphia is a city with a long and exciting history. However,  today it has firmly arrived in the 21st century with a bustling downtown business district and numerous tech-sector companies. It also features one of the busiest airports in the world. Countless luxury accommodations, exciting annual conferences and events, and prime dining options are waiting for you.  Philadelphia is correspondingly a major hub for traveling entrepreneurs.


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ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorisation
within the ESTA Visa Waiver Program of the US Government

ESTA Visa USA application for your US ESTA Visa

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