June 1, 2019

ESTA presents; Interesting facts about wine in the United States

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Apply for ESTA and experience Californian wine – Nowadays, the United States is one of the biggest wine-producing countries in the world.  Just after France, Italy, and Spain, the US is placed fourth.

The history of winemaking in the US dates back about 300 years. Because the first Europeans that explored North America already brought with them wine-producing grapes.

During the 1960s, California was mainly known for its sweet port-style wines. Those were made from Carignan and Thompson Seedless grapes. However, a new generation of winemakers emerged and helped usher in a renaissance period in California wine. The focus was on new winemaking technologies and increasing quality. Several well-known wineries were founded in this decade. Those included Robert Mondavi, Heitz Wine Cellars and David Bruce Winery. As the quality of Californian wine improved, the region started to receive more international attention.

US wine has improved in quality with the passage of time, and it has become one of the best in the world.

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Californian wine & “THE JUDGMENT OF PARIS”

¨The Judgment of Paris¨ was a blind wine tasting competition and organized by a British wine merchant. The event took place on the 24th of May 1976 in the luxurious Hotel Intercontinental in the French capital.

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This ceremony brought together well-known winemakers to act as judges. Some of the most distinguished French wines were graded against the best United States’ wines. The result was a big surprise. The best were those from the United States, dethroning France as the best wine-producing country in the world.

From that moment, the United States or in particular Californian wines became a benchmark in the world of wines. Its wines are getting better and becoming more famous all the time. The result is, that the country is becoming one of the largest wine consumers in the world.

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Californian wine

Although in 45 of the 50 states in the United States produce wine, Californian wine represents almost 90% of the production.

The enviable climate of this North American state, together with geography that favors vine growing, has made Californian wines recognizable all over the world.

The history of viticulture in this region has been going on for more than 200 years. All over the area, there are wineries and vineyards, dedicated to the production of magnificent wines. However, the main activity in this industry takes place in the areas of Napa and Sonoma, in the North of San Francisco Bay.

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Many of the United States’ most popular wines are from the Napa region. The combination of the latest technology with the use of traditional techniques makes the difference in this area’s wine production.

As I have mentioned, another well-known wine-producing area in California is Sonoma. Expert oenologists credit the varied aromas and tastes of the wine produced to the large area and geography of Sonoma.

For many that work in the interesting world of viticulture, Californian wines have inevitably gained a preferential place among the best in the world.


As I have already mentioned, viticulture started about 300 years ago in the United States. However, there was clearly a time when this tradition nearly disappeared.

I am talking about the time that Prohibition existed. This law basically consisted of prohibiting the production, transport, and consumption of alcoholic beverages. It was in force between 1920 and 1933. As a result, many wineries disappeared and numerous vineyards were left uncared for during prohibition. The law required strict compliance by all the county’s citizens. Some wineries, however, were allowed to continue producing in small amounts. This was solely for Masses and domestic use. During the years that this law was in force and as a result, alcohol smuggling became a booming industry.

The Prohibition-era was a significant setback in the growth of the United States’ wine culture. Winegrowers had to start again, almost from zero, when Prohibition was repealed, Many of the best vines had died and numerous vineyards had been neglected. Also, those other varieties that had been planted did by no means fulfill the standards to produce high-quality wine.

With the passage of time, luckily those vineyards that had been lost were rescued. Because the techniques used in many cases were perfected they consequently succeeded. Also, the development of new technology in the winemaking process resulted in vast improvements. Nowadays, the United States is among the best wine producers.

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National Drink Wine Day

Did you know that the United States has a national wine drinking day? Well, yes, they do and it is celebrated every 18th February.

National “Drink Wine Day” is basically a reminder to celebrate this drink. Its tasters, who are above all Americans, are great wine consumers, considering, they drink it almost daily.

But, another objective of this special day is to teach people about the indisputable health benefits of drinking wine. The grapes used to make wine contain antioxidants. They improve circulation and prevent cardiovascular illnesses. In other words, a strong factor to encourage healthy people to enjoy this delicious drink, although within limits.

I hope it has been interesting for you to learn these facts. In other words, Facts about a New World country that opened its doors to an industry with its roots in Europe. Yet, that has also managed to place itself among the leading wine producers in the world.

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