When Will USA Travel Reopen?

It is February 2021, and ESTA USA travel still looks like a distant dream. But last summer, it felt like travel was about to start again, Europe had reopened – albeit with restrictions – and people began to move again. Fast forward seven months, and it feels like we are […]

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Is the Vaccine Passport coming soon?

The latest updates: ESTA and the UK travel restrictions. The UK government is going to make international travel possible again very soon for persons who have already been fully vaccinated. Boris Johnson announced this on April 3rd and they are working on how to implement this, as is the USA. […]

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Airlines and a covid 19 visa

Your ESTA Visa and Covid 19

Will airlines require a covid vaccination certificate? Besides your ESTA Visa travel to the USA, near-future travel to the United States of America may require you to carry some kind of  Covid 19 Vaccination Certificate. No matter, if you are an entrepreneur, or work for a large corporation, or just […]

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ESTA Visa for the USA


The ESTA Visa for your US travels A US ESTA Visa – Unless you already have a conventional US Visa, you must complete the ESTA application here and receive an ESTA Visa USA, before heading out to Atlanta. The ESTA Visa USA application for your business trip to Atlanta for […]

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